Blocking shawls

I love knitting shawls and I knit quite a lot of them. To me, they are a lot of fun to knit and also essential items in my wardrobe – year round. Even after dozens and dozens of shawls, I still marvel at the magic that blocking does to the finished items. And how much the shawls usually grow in size during the process.

When I was blocking my Jovial shawl, I decided to film how I do it and make a blocking tutorial. You can view it on the Lina Knits YouTube channel.

Also check out Jovial on Ravelry! This light and playful shawls is perfect for experimenting with different color combinations. I knit mine to be spring and summer shawl using Canopy fingering by The Fibre Co., a blend of alpaca, wool and bamboo, but you can use a woollier wool, too!

A cozy shawl for cold weather

Cozy up with this warm shawl! Snow Lantern was inspired by and made for snow days. Or just dreaming of them. Double seed stitch, cables and plenty of fun bobbles… There’s texture upon texture in this triangle shaped shawl knit out of worsted weight wool.

I know bobbles can be a bit intimidating, so I made a video tutorial for them on the Lina Knits YouTube channel. So if you’ve never knit bobbles before, check it out!