What is it like to work with a tech editor?

Hiring a tech editor for your patterns can seem scary and you might feel uncertain as to what to expect and what is expected of you. I want to let you know that it really isn’t scary and that you shouldn’t feel intimidated by it. And so that you don’t have to take just my word for it, I asked one of my clients to write about her experiences.

“I started my path of designing 7 years ago, I scribbled down a few patterns and put them up for free on Ravelry, and that was that. Paying someone to do what I thought I could do; make sure my patterns were consistent, clear and accurate, was definitely not a priority back then. After a few years of experience and a set of fresh eyes I took a look at my old patterns and I could see my patterns needed a LOT of work. To be honest, those patterns made me so ashamed I immediately made them unavailable on Ravelry. Now that I had decided to take designing more seriously, finding and hiring a tech editor was my number one mission. I did not want to be guilty of spreading badly written patterns ever again, and with Lina’s help I know I won’t!

The first time I sent a pattern for editing I was scared. I was scared it would come back with tons of found errors and that I’d have to bury my head in shame for not being a good designer. My pattern did come back with errors, but Lina never made me feel like that was something I should be ashamed of. After having worked with Lina I feel empowered and more confident in my designing than ever, and I can focus on doing what I do best instead of wasting time worrying my patterns won’t be consistent; I know Lina will tell me when they’re not and I can then easily fix it. Lina is so sweet and friendly, it really is a treat working with her!

My patterns have improved immensely with Lina’s help. I could not be more thankful! I highly recommend anyone looking (and those not looking) for a tech editor to contact Lina. With her help I now feel confident launching my patterns knowing they are the best they can be.”

- Stina Berggren of Stinixa Knits